Predators (Groomers)

When I was making the lounge chat on my website, I found it identical to A bad website for predators and mainly kids. The problem is that they FUCKING DONT DISABLE PRIVATE MESSAGING AND HAVE NO MODERATORS! That's why I disabled direct messages. I am planning that when the chatrooms get more active, I will definitely get some moderators. As a person who hates predators to the point that I would love to break every bone of their fucking body. I love catching predators and meanwhile social engineering them and revealing their identity or location. Or I send them a trojan made by me. I know I don't look like a person who would do this but I do. Please if you want to dive deeper into the predator rabbit hole, check out MAMAMAX.  Please, I really like him. He is my idol. He is my inspiration. He is the best dude ever. This is really not a joke. If you are a dude looking for girls on here, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WEBSITE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT INVITED AND NO ONE LIKES YOU!!