My Board Game

You can win in two ways. The first way is to get on the other side of the board on the same color as your starting color. The second way to win is by going to the center. But going to the center can be really hard. First, you have to go through some hazards! Then you have to go in the circle until you stand on the green circle that is on top of the word "center". Then you can enter the center and win the game. Others can still play.

closer krapa.jpg

You can move only to the right or left or forward. You cannot go diagonally or backwards.  You can move around with a special rolling cube with symbols, each symbol represents a trait and a number. The number means that if you for example roll the green crystal, the symbol represents the number 6, so you can move 6 times to different black dots.

Read Symbol Meanings Here!

When two players meet next to each other or in front of each other, they are demanded to get into a battle. So the battling works like this, they open the battle arena, then they use the two normal small rolling cubes. Then they pick a hero, each hero has some lives and what number they roll, that's the damage that they did to the opponent. Once one player wins, the defeated player has to go to the place where he started to play.

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Getting to the center is pretty hard because of hazards! If you step on a number, you need to find a card in the monsters deck with the same number written in black. Then your goal is to roll the same number that is written in red. You have to roll it on one of the Battle Arena rolling cubes. Not two, just one. Then once you rolled the number, you roll again with the symbol cube and move somewhere else. If you step on a number again, this repeats.



The Blue King represents Kindness, And Wealth in a good way. The Blue King also represents the number 4. So if The Blue King shows up, you can move 4 times!

Black Leaves represent Darkness, Mystery, and death. When you roll the Black Leaves, you can move 3 times.

The Green Crystal represents Luck and Happiness. When you roll The Green Crystal, you can move 6 times.

The King Of Hell represents evil and greed. When you roll The King Of Hell, you can move only once.

The Leaf Of Betrayal is the worst symbol. It represents Betrayal. If you roll The Leaf Of Betrayal, you have to go to the spot where you started at.

The Hearts Of Love represents Love and Happiness. When you roll The Hearts Of Love, you can move 2 times.